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Nature's Anthem

About Us

Our farms:

Nature’s Anthem is a brand by Mecca Date Farms, a family owned farm located in the Coachella Valley, California. In this beautiful desert oasis, we grow the juiciest dates. Medjools, Deglet Noors, Zahidis, Barhis and more!

Our process:

We follow best farming practices in growing our dates. Our team is on the farms every day and each tree is lovingly tended to. It’s a year round process that we are all passionate about. It begins with dethroning each tree limb so that the trees are safe to work on throughout the year. Then we collect the flowers for pollinating and carefully pollinate each tree. Then comes time to thin out the palm trees so that each date has room to grow to its fullest. As we get closer to harvest time, the dates are bagged so they are protected from the elements. And the farm is really buzzing with excitement when harvest times rolls around in September! Our dates are hand-picked at the perfect time and sorted on the farm. And sent to local packaging facilities so they’re ready to arrive at your doorstep.

Fresh, seasonal

What’s happening on the farm?

The Farm has been bustling with activity as we
near completion of our 2019 Harvest! Our crew has been working on the trees – picking, hauling and sending the bins of deglet noors to the packing facilities.


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Nature’s Anthem (™) by Mecca Date Farms LLC