The Journey of Growing Dates

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Growing medjool dates is a labor of love. It’s a year long process where each tree is tended to with meticulous detail. We start in January dethorning the trees so they are safe to work on for the rest of the year. Then by March we start collecting the pollen from the flowers and pollinate the female trees. In a few weeks, as we see the baby medjools beginning to grow we thin them out, plucking many of the small dates out so the rest have room to grow big and juicy! In the hot days of the desert summer, the bunches of dates grow bigger and we bag each bunch to protect them from the elements. We watch and wait eagerly for September because when the time is just right, we start harvesting the medjools. Our terrific crew climbs on ladders or trucks and shakes the bags of dates into big trays and lowers them to the ground, where our staff sorts and gets them ready for the packing house where they are washed and packed into our boxes. Ready for your doorstep!

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